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PROOF 34 – The Climate Crisis

Hello Reader, You may recall in PROOF #25 Michael Shaun asked us all to speak about what’s happening as a climate crisis...
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PROOF 33 – The Future of Fashion

Hello Reader, “A la mode”, “modisch”, “alla moda”, “fashionable” – up to date with current style or trend. FASHION. We have all...
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PROOF 32 – The Future of Food

Hello Reader, I’ve been thinking a lot about our – NOW – responsibility for the things we share in the pages...
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PROOF 31 – The Power of Imagination

Hello Reader, The future according to mainstream media is bleak . Our menu for future options has us being killed by machines,...
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PROOF 30 – The Future of Waste

Hello Reader, Net zero waste sounds great and from the many articles that we are bringing you this week it seems to...
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PROOF 29 – The Circular Economy

Hello Reader, The Earth is finite. And for the vast majority of human history this has not been a problem. With our...
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PROOF 28 – Generating Our Sustainable Future

Hello Reader, We live in a material world, a built world, an endlessly changing world. The cycle between material desires and fulfillment...
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PROOF 27 – The Future of the Economy

Hello Reader, We are born into a world that gives us lifelong operating instructions on every aspect of our lives from language,...
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