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PROOF 34 – The Climate Crisis

Hello Reader, You may recall in PROOF #25 Michael Shaun asked us all to speak about what’s happening as a climate crisis rather than “climate change” or “global warming”. In the news in the last few weeks there have been stories about the highest recorded temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the...
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PROOF 33 – The Future of Fashion

Hello Reader, “A la mode”, “modisch”, “alla moda”, “fashionable” – up to date with current style or trend. FASHION. We have all been trained to try and keep up with the current colors, cuts and styles. We feel good when we are in fashion and awkward at best when we are out. We’ve been taught...
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PROOF 32 – The Future of Food

Hello Reader, I’ve been thinking a lot about our – NOW – responsibility for the things we share in the pages of PROOF. We do our best to make sure that the articles we post are truthful and lead to a thriving future for humanity, the heart of our purpose.  Yet, if we were...
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PROOF 31 – The Power of Imagination

Hello Reader, The future according to mainstream media is bleak . Our menu for future options has us being killed by machines, eaten by zombies, and generally facing the end of humanity as we know it through some other calamity like a new plague. According to them, the future is dystopic and not very pretty....
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PROOF 30 – The Future of Waste

Hello Reader, Net zero waste sounds great and from the many articles that we are bringing you this week it seems to be both in reach and a matter of instrumentalization – all we have to do is design processes to reduce, reuse, recycle, and ultimately eliminate waste. From where we stand at PROOF this...
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PROOF 29 – The Circular Economy

Hello Reader, The Earth is finite. And for the vast majority of human history this has not been a problem. With our small population, we could collect and consume only a small fraction of the wealth of the planet. We spread out and the population grew. Still there was no problem. Then we technologized our...
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