Our Purpose

Generating a Thriving Future for All

Thriving for humanity requires

Planet Earth Equity

A seat at the table

Omni-Win Economics

Benefit for all

Creative Expression

Giving our unique gifts

Equitable Access

Resources for all

Taking Action

What’s essential to generating thriving futures is the dedicated action of individuals of all walks of life.
  • We facilitate a transgenerational - long arc of time - transition to new systems underlying a new culture and society in which thriving is a natural quality of life.
  • We generate one-hundred and one-thousand year visions of futures with many expressions of a thriving humanity and ecosystem.
  • We ignite the passion of people throughout the world in taking action today to bring about these new futures.
  • Generative Futures Initiative Members lead organizational and event based programs designed to facilitate generating and realizing thriving futures.
  • We equip people with the tools and processes of Generative Futurism to create and realize benevolent futures.

Through all of these avenues we will empower a new generation of Generative Futurists.