Planetary Reorientation and Doing What you Love With Prince Ea

“As a species we didn’t survive because of competition, it was collaboration, it was us coming together in harmony as one that allowed us to be this species that we are today.”

If there is one person on this planet who lives and breaths the importance of love and unity as the driving force for change on this planet, it’s spoken word artist, motivational speaker and filmmaker, Prince Ea.

With crystal clarity he offers people an opportunity to stay home and reformulate their energy, take a pause and consider a new way of doing things that leaves the old paradigm of anger behind.

“Whatever you love to do, whatever your beautiful manifestation of the divine, of your true self, of your true calling is, it’s all welcome.”

What is it that you love to do? Prince Ea sees this time of planetary reorientation as an opportunity. An opportunity for change, to do things differently. He says, do what you love. Whether it’s dancing, cooking, starting a new business, playing with your dog, whatever that might be, taking action on that which you love is breathing your love into the world. And that, that has power.

What does a future look like where people are enacting their Burning Desires, Big Ideas and Bold Actions?

What could our neighbourhoods look like if we all worked together to cultivate health and abundance for all its members?

It is with faith in humanity’s capacity to create change collectively that Prince Ea leaves us with his words.

“All is well and unfolding as it should.”

Actions to Instigate Change

  • Prince Ea invites you to participate in Global Days of Unity, a monthly gathering every 3rd Saturday that focuses collective energy on the healing vibration of love. 
  • “Sweat everyday and don’t eat anything that you can’t pronounce”. A simple diet, a clean and healthy diet that supports good gut flora (bacteria) means that decisions can be made from a healthy place. 


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