Causing Collaboration at Scale with Suzanne Frindt

Burning Desire. Big Ideas. Bold Action

Suzanna Frindt is no stranger to these concepts. Through her work as the former CEO of the Hunger Project and as a global leader in developing leadership with an expertise in community led development, she has been on the leading edge of cultivating a sense of self-resilience and dignity to 14,000 communities worldwide.

What could communities, across the globe, look like if all women were educated, trained and empowered?

How much more effective could hyper-local change be if all parties advocating for it considered context, local beliefs and opinions about governments, leadership, training and culture as a part of their advocacy?

Burning Desire:

According to Suzanne’s experiences, the individuals who become the agents for change in their communities were the same people who lit up when discussions of the vision of what an ideal village could be were discussed. What is your vision for your life? Essentially, visioning what it is you seek to bring to life in the world, and following any passion that bubbles up is the first step towards actualizing your Big Ideas.

Big Ideas:

Ask yourself: “what’s missing?” 

“What’s missing that, if provided, would leverage and catalyze movement to that vision?”

Bold Action:

Whatever your role or next job might be has the possibility of being a stepping stone to actualizing your vision in the world. Having a vision for your life is a way to measure up, a way to check in with yourself about whether the thing you’re about to take up is along the same path as your vision.

Actions to Instigate Change

  1. A conversation/journaling prompt to consider: How can I employ myself powerfully in the world today?
  2. If you are a university student, consider starting or joining your local chapter of Feel Good


  • To learn more about Feel Good click here
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