Have a Great Life, Make a Great Difference

Here’s what’s kept us up late at night for the last decade (no lie!):
– How do you change the world and have a great life at the same time? 

I mean don’t you have a choice?  Do good and be poor, but happy you are making a difference.  OR, Plug into the machine and make bank.  I don’t know about you but neither one sounds like much fun.  

Here’s the thing: this is a false dichotomy.  You don’t have to choose one over the other.  You can if you want.  But you can also have both.

You can make a massive difference and have a great life with all of the financial success you can imagine.

YES, it’s possible! Let me tell you how it works!  It’s not rocket science and it’s not something you see every day. Here’s the secret (please, please, please feel free to give this away to anyone and everyone):

Passion is the Key.

Think about the times when you are out there doing the things you love and that rubs on those around you.  What does it feel like when you see others get lit up by your joy?  That’s right, it’s amazing, like you’re walking on sunshine. 

This is radically different from business as usual – How am I going to get by? How do I deal with my boss? Why don’t people listen?  You know what I’m talking about.

So how do we use our passion, our burning desire, to do good and build a thriving life for ourselves?

Take Blake Mycoskie, he was in Argentina on vacation and struck up a conversation in a cafe.  It turns out that the women he was talking to were on a shoe drive.  They asked him if he wanted to go along and give shoes to kids who needed them.  He went along and his passion to help those kids got ignited.  He wanted to find a way to keep giving those shoes away, so from his burning desire he imagined a business that would allow him to keep providing shoes for people. Toms Shoes was born,  with a radical business model: One-For-One buy a pair of shoes and we’ll give a pair away on your behalf.  Now Blake and Toms have given away 60 million shoes!

Check out this video with Blake telling his story.  


What’s your burning desire?

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