PROOF 16 – Hello Covid Apartheid

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A friend of ours recently told us we were lucky because we have something positive to focus on during the pandemic, generating a thriving future for humanity. True enough, working on big hard problems by envisioning a future and then boldly taking action puts everything in a different perspective. You have to deal with the current day to day circumstances for sure, but your focus is on problems that are bigger than whatever’s going on, even a pandemic.

Our friend went on to say, “you know the pandemic has really messed a lot of us up, in ways we don’t even know yet.”  This personally knocked me back.  I mean I knew that already, people are out of work, isolated from family and friends, missing important life milestones. But when he said that – we don’t even know the ways it’s messed us up – it really hit me that I don’t know how it has messed me up or my friends up or all of us up. 

So I want to say, I am so sorry for the impact this crazy pandemic has had on your life.  I’m sorry for all of the missed connections with loved ones.  I’m sorry for the milestones that weren’t celebrated. I’m sorry if you’ve been unable to work or if you’ve had to work in unsafe conditions. I’m sorry for any future impacts that Covid will have on you. And I’m so deeply sorry if you have lost loved ones to this virus.

There are silver linings to the way that we have handled this crisis. I’m thinking of the speed with which we developed a vaccine. But mostly the pandemic has revealed how fragile and how unnecessarily complicated our current systems are. Just take vaccine distribution for example. Mix market economics with intellectual property, systemic oppression/racism, and 1st world vs. developing world dynamics, and you know you the “haves” will get the vaccine first and it will take years of suffering for the “have nots” in the post colonial world to get it. 

There has to be a better way.  There has to be a better way!


We are vastly more equipped to build systems of governance and economics than the revered founders of the free market and representative democracy that lived over two hundred years ago. Why in the world would we prop up systems for the information age that come from the horse and buggy age? The answer is that it is time to take our place as the innovator and designers of everything.

Are you ready to boldly reimagine human life on this planet?

So many of us are.  Check out stories of those who are scouting the path ahead in this episode of Proof.

We are highlighting people, organizations and countries who are taking meaningful action in this time which has a long term impact.

Michael Shaun & The NOW Team


PROOF of a Thriving Future for Humanity
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Organizations and Initiatives that are Generating a New Futures

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

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•  The Soul of Money By Lynne Twist

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Proof of a Thriving Future for Humanity

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Art for Reform

A rotating online art gallery and auction which fundraises for various causes. During auction dates, an interactive online virtual gallery showcases the pieces and allows participants to place bids. 100% of the proceeds from each auction are donated to charity

Ocean conservation fundraiser is next. If you feel up to donating a piece of your artwork towards the cause, click here.

What We’re Watching :  How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Have you ever wondered how some organizations are able to inspire action and others fall short? Simon Sinek breaks down his “Golden Circle” method which uncovers how the most great and inspiring people in the world think, act and communicate in the exact same way.

What We’re Reading – The Soul of Money ?

This compelling and fundamentally liberating book shows us that examining our attitudes toward money – how we earn it, spend it, invest it, and give it away – can offer surprising insight into our lives, our values and the essence of prosperity.

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Listening – Podcast with Megan French DunbarFemale Entrepreneurs: Burn Out, Being a Force of Love & Not Doing It Alone

This thoughtful conversation with Meghan French Dunbar explores the many barriers womxn face when confronted with starting and maintaining a business. From burnout to sharing resources amongst other womxn, Meghan has dedicated her life to reorienting the understanding of achievement to one that expresses love & purpose.

May this information inspire you to generate a thriving future for humanity and a thriving life for yourself.

-The Now Team

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