Resurrect the Feeling of Play with Jason Silva

Over the past months, coronavirus has dominated conversations, thoughts and news broadcasts. The world is changing and our reference points for “normal” are shifting. Now, more than ever, is the time to enact what inspires you, consider new ways of doing things and take bold action. Let us take this time to reimagine our future.

To counterbalance the barrage of constant newsreels that Jason Silva calls “panic porn”, he drops one simple piece of wisdom.

 “My advice to people is to try to intentionally create spaces where they can resurrect the feeling of play” NOW recognizes the feeling of play as an expression of using our imagination.  When caught by the seriousness of the current circumstance one can get weighed down, stuck.  The feeling of play is a tool, a key.  Let’s dig into this a little deeper. 

When you’re feeling playful there is a levity, a freedom and an expansiveness to it. This is the perfect incubator for the human imagination. Suddenly those rigid thoughts of what you deemed possible start to melt away and are replaced with creativity and flexibility.

In the Generative Cycle we move from burning desire to big ideas, and finally, to bold action.  

The presence of anxiety or fear can help to identify whether we’re on the right path. It’s a guidepost to our passion- the things we care about so much that we can’t stand to let them be threatened or harmed.  

Rather than fixate on what we are against, let us seek out what we are for. This is where imagination comes in.  What would the world look like if what we were against was gone? What would it look like if what we were for was fulfilled? 

With these questions in mind, we can now employ Silva’s feeling of play.  Doing so alters our relationship to the current circumstance, leaving us with greater freedom to take the actions that will bring about what we are for.

So simple. So effective. Play

The brilliance of legends like Dr. Seus, Roal Dahl, Shel Silverstein, Patch Adams and the Three Stooges have brought generations of play to the world. They understood that laughter and play keeps the human spirit buoyant, resilient and able to thrive amidst difficult times.

Playfulness is not only for children. If you’ve forgotten how to feel playful, spend 15 minutes in the presence of a little human and watch…observe. We could learn a thing or two from them. You see, they don’t try to play. They just play.

Actions to Instigate Change

What would it look like for you to cultivate the feeling of play today?

Action: I challenge you to resurrect the feeling of play today. Try doing something…playfully. Keep it simple, manageable.

Be gentle with yourself, change is made by a series of small steps. You can’t move a mountain in one day!

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