A Revolution of Mindset with Dr. Zach Bush

We live in unprecedented times, calling for an unprecedented upheaval of “the way things are”.

 “I think this generation is ready for a real revolution, and it doesn’t have to be a violent one. I think it’s a revolution of philosophy. And I think a revolution of philosophy would change far more than any other war would ever do.”

What does a revolution in philosophy look like?

How might we begin to conduct ourselves in accordance with a new set of priorities? 

Could we incorporate recreation and natural spaces into our public institutions like hospitals, schools and senior care facilities?

What do we want our energy sector to look like?

 “What we can learn from nature is that she creates resilience and life through biodiversity, period. When you take away biodiversity and you create a monoculture of life, the whole planet collapses.”

Can we reshape agriculture and food production from monocropping and mass production to include small scale, local, organic and permaculture practices like biodiverse companion-planting?

What does a future beyond systemic racism look like? How can we dismantle systemic racism? 

How quickly will we do this?

Could it be possible to live in a world where people no longer own land, but participate in it and it’s care, where we sign up to steward a piece of land into the future?

These are questions provoked by Generative Futurism which seeks to imagine what life might be like 100 years from now and beyond.  As the name implies, Generative Futurism is about a future that is generated, not predicted. A future that realizes individual and collective purpose. At Bold.ly NOW, these questions propel us into imaging big ideas that can have us take action now to bring about such a future.  

With peaceful ease Dr. Zach Bush explains how, in the case of global cooperation surrounding coronavirus, humanity has just proven to itself that it is capable of making dramatic cultural, social, financial and environmental shifts simultaneously .

 “Whatever we think is impossible only remains that if we keep telling ourselves that.”

Consider your view of the future. If there’s something you think is impossible, ask yourself, “is this a physical impossibility or a mental impossibility? Is this impossible due to the laws of physics, or my mindset?” 

Dr. Zach reminds us that ideas themselves are windows into possibility.  

Actions to Instigate Change

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” -Thomas Jefferson

A great place to start is questioning what you think is possible. 

Action: Pick something in the world that you’d like to see change. 

-What about this seems impossible?

-What are you telling yourself about that?

-What would life look like if that issue/obstacle didn’t exist?

To supercharge this, have the conversation with a friend, family member, someone you work with! 

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