How to be a Good Ancestor to Future Generations With Atossa Soltani

We are currently functioning within an economic system that encourages exponential growth. The consequence of this type of growth has devastating ecological implications. Profit before compassion. We destroy the rainforest in the name of cheaper coffee beans. This week’s Bold.Ly Now guest, founder and executive director of Amazon Watch Atossa Soltani, describes this relationship with crystal clarity. 

“Our economic system, which is life blind, which destroys life to make money, that system is doing a disservice to future generations and also to current generations. It’s creating inequality and more poverty.”

If coronavirus has taught the collective anything, “we’ve learned that we can turn on a dime”, says Soltani.

If we decide we want something to happen collectively, we now know we can do it…quickly.

With a generative future mindset in place, what does an economic system that supports life look like? 

What are our priorities and can we use those priorities to dictate our economic system?

With financial inequality plaguing the masses, it is miraculous that coronavirus has stimulated ground-breaking conversations around universal basic income (something deemed preposterous a year ago) as a viable option for many countries. 

Imagine a world with a basic universal income where the individual’s struggle for survival is eliminated. You have enough money to pay your bills, without working 40 hours + per week. 

“We have to organize in communities. Nature self-organizes, we are nature.”

Where to start? It may feel overwhelming to make this kind of change. 

Take a breath and come back to Bold.Ly Now’s Generative Cycle. 

What is your burning desire (passion)?

What are your big ideas (what is possible)?

Take bold action (how will you employ this in the world?)

What does the future look like when people are financially secure and have the freedom to act on their burning desires and big ideas?

Actions to Instigate Change

Action: Empower yourself by asking yourself and your friends these questions: 

-What would I do with my life if all of my basic needs were met?

-What is my burning desire? (what am I passionate about?)

-If I had a liveable income offered to me, what burning desire would I bring into the world?

Learn: Not sure what universal basic income is?

Have a listen to this conversation with Rutger Bregman, historian and author of “Utopia for Realists”.

Inspire: Need a dose of inspiration to conceptualize what Antossa means when she says, “nature self-organizes, we are nature”?

Watch this amazing short clip from the film “Fantastic Fungi” on how the forest communicates

LINK: To learn about Atossa Soltani’s work with Amazon Watch click here

LINK: To sign the declaration for the protection of the Amazonian headwaters, click here

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