PROOF 25 – The Climate Crisis

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On Earth Day, we at NOW participated in an event where the speakers were asked to share a vision of the future from 2030. I’ll share my story from the future in a moment, but first I want make a simple request. The time has come for all of us, governments, businesses, non-profits, schools, religious organizations and people, everyday people, to declare that we are in a climate crisis. Drop “climate change” or yesteryear’s “global warming”. It’s a crisis that requires our focus, will, and ingenuity to overcome.

I don’t care about determining if the warming is coming from man or nature. I don’t care to take the time to point fingers and lay blame. That’s all nonsense considering what is coming at us in this climate crisis. We need our best and brightest minds. We need our most capable engineers and project leaders. We need those who can lead people and give us encouragement and hope. We need artists and entertainers to lift us up. We flat out need the best of human capacity to overcome this crisis.

And we need to do it together. There are no enemies here as there are none who will be out of harms way from extreme weather. And should we walk off the edge, into a mass extinction event, we will discover that it is likely impossible for human civilization to survive a collapsing planetary ecosystem.

Now for the good news. If we were to do this as a global project, then a much different future awaits us. One where wonder at the world and our place in it can be revived.

Here is a glimpse of such a future beamed back through time by me in 2030.

April 2030

I am writing to you today to the steady hum of the propellers on our solar powered dirigible. I am on the rear deck of the airship we call the Ever Present Future. We are currently over the largest wildlife corridor in the world, the Great Plains Reserve.

Today we have been flying over what is believed to be the largest herd of bison in modern history. I wish you could be here to see the sight. Over the past six months we have seen signs that the global re-wilding project has produced a steady return of nature. I guess that was predictable, considering what we learned when humanity took a pause and stayed inside during the 2020 pandemic. We saw how once we step back, nature steps forward.

We have seen the kelp and krill come back and whales that are fully nourished after decades of decline. Life is coming back. That is the true essence of thriving for all.

As for humans, we are still an experiment to see if we can get to true equity and equality. The biggest news of the year has been the effects of the Economic Inequity Index. As you know, we now have a global cap on individual wealth at $10M US, Corporations have a cap of $100M of non-deployed capital.

Many thought this was going to be some kind of 20th Century wealth distribution project, handing money out. But what we have seen is a capital reinvestment of phenomenal proportions. Where rather than capital being relinquished, it has been invested into thriving earth projects. The best example is Apple’s investment of over a Trillion dollars of capital into wind/hydrogen generation, urban farming and its Net Zero cities project, with over 100 projects nearing completion. The big side effect of the Index Cap has been that the extreme profit incentive has been removed.

So we are seeing innovation at a scale and a diversity level that is unprecedented. I guess we are like the wildlife, once the predatory pressure is removed, we too begin to flourish.

Perhaps more importantly, there has been a global shift in the way we see ourselves. With sufficiency being the norm for all people, we have been freed in our minds. People are living their best lives, giving their gifts. And bit by bit we are seeing ourselves as the kind of people who can generate futures, as people who can create thriving for one another, and a vibrant thriving life.

On a personal note, our Generative Futures Initiative of a 100 year vision for 2130 is being well received. Teams from across the globe are participating in prototypes which, are as you know, the first step to realizing a future.

A Thriving Future…A Thriving Future for All.

I never get tired of rolling those words around my mouth, around my mind. I am humbled by the will, dedication and heart of a humanity focused on a world that works for all.

The captain is calling us to our morning meal. I’ll sign off and be back with many more updates in the coming weeks, months, decades and centuries.

That’s the news from 2030. As for today, call it a climate crisis and focus on supporting projects for capturing carbon and stopping the warming.

Thrilled you are on the team.

Michael Shaun Conaway
& The NOW Team

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PROOF of a Thriving Future for Humanity
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Proof of a Thriving Future for Humanity

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How YOU can generate a thriving future

On January 27th, President Biden issued an Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis. This Executive Order directed the Secretary of Agriculture to collect public input on a climate-smart agriculture and forestry strategy.

One of the most powerful actions we can take to advance regenerative agriculture is to encourage our government representatives to educate themselves. Letting policymakers know you care about this solution creates political will. And where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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The docuseries shows her visiting people and places that have been distinctly affected by the heating of the Earth, such as Canada’s Athabasca Glacier, a town in California burned by wildfires and the indigenous Sami herders in Sweden where reindeer face starvation. She even sails across the North Atlantic during the ocean’s busiest season to experience how carbon dioxide emissions from ships have altered the chemistry of the ocean.

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What We’re Listening to –  Civilization and Creating a Culture of Resistance

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May this information inspire you to generate a thriving future for humanity and a thriving life for yourself.

-The Now Team

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